A Twisted Fate...My Life with Dystonia

A Twisted Fate is a personal account of Brenda's journey
...living with Dystonia

A Twisted Fate is a book that has been years in the making.  Brenda's family and friends are so very proud of her.  Publishing this book is such a huge accomplishment.

img014.jpgBrenda_book_cover.jpgFamily_Photos-Print-21.jpgATF_2013.jpgEmail002.jpgEmail004.jpgEmail005.jpgEmail006.jpgEmail008.jpgEmail009.jpgEmail010.jpgEmail015.jpgEmail016.jpgFirst family photo, 1967! Me, mom, Trisha, dad and Kevin!

Meeting Rick Hansen, ambush style.                            Mar 1987

All dressed up. 1969

First family photo, 1967! Me, Mom, Trisha, Dad and Kevin!

Mom & I at Niagra Falls. I'm not able to sit comfortably!

Family portrait 45 years later at my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary.

Operation success that lasted less than 2 days!  1975

Smiling through the nervousness. Going to surgery. Notice the black strap? 1975

      Steve, prior to his        brain tumor.                Early 1970’s

Check out my casts. I don’t think I could do that again!  1977

Roz, my physiotherapist, in Toronto, trying to make me stand straight. Against everyone's wishes, especially mine, not going to happen!

Sitting in hospital room. Left leg pulled into awkward position. 1976

Killing more time, watching TV. 1976

Trisha, me, Dad and mom. Back in Edmonton with deflated hearts. 1975

Pictures that appear in the book...

Some are in colour here but were black and white in the book.


Brenda Currey-Lewis

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My mom got to know the T.O. subway system

 very well!

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