A Twisted Fate by Brenda Currey Lewis
Living With Dystonia

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“I have been reading A Twisted Fate and find it very inspiring. I really like your writing. It's very direct and straightforward, and I find myself anticipating the next chapter. There's a simplicity about the writing in the best sense of the word. It tells the story so succinctly without sentiment but with emotion. As you know, I'm a professional writer, and I generally don't try to read and critique writing. But I do notice when I'm enjoying someone's writing, and I like to let them know!”

~~Dr. Linda Seger~~

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What others are saying:

          It is well written (and edited). It really has a good balance of life, anecdote and medical fact about you went through and continue to go through. I do remember some of your stories but particularly your visits to Toronto and your years at the Glenrose, I gained a good insight into what you were going through that I probably didn’t know. Your stories about those friendships and others with problems and your perspective are gripping and I totally enjoyed every page!

          What a PHENOMINAL success!  -KMC


          Halfway through the book. Really enjoying it. You always were My hero and this book confirms why.  You have so much courage.

Good tribute to your mom as well.

The stories are well told, the ones about the people you met in the hospital that have  passed are heartbreaking, but also a real tribute to them and a way of letting them know they will never be forgotten.

I am sure this book will accomplish your wish of getting more information out there, which can only be a great thing.

Thank you for signing my book. I will treasure it always. -B H


A Quote: “I believe that we are all, at some point in our lives, sent on an unexpected detour-something we have no control over that we just have to accept and deal with. What form it will take we don’t know, but it will test our strength. When this happens, do not put your life on hold, and do not be devastated by challenge and change. Tap into the resources that work for you to help you find your own strength. It takes time, but it is worth it” Brenda Currey Lewis, “A Twisted Fate” 2013.

Dear Brenda,

I have just finished the book. I read it in a day. I could not put it down. I could hear your voice. I am so proud and impressed. I am so happy to have shared part of your story. Beautifully written, heart wrenching, humorous and just plain unbelievable at some points. This book will give all who read it courage.

I am blessed to be a friend of the author. Bravo Brenda Brave.

With joy -JSM


I am soooooo busy at work and home right now, but I read about 10 chapters of your book and it’s absolutely delightful!!!

So great work, Brenda, and I look forward to squeaking out the rest as soon as possible!!! -ATW


Wow, Brenda you are famous! Thought your interview was great, especially given it was your first time. 

I finished your book and I really enjoyed it.  It really helped me understand dystonia, the life you have lived with it and the person you are. It made me laugh and cry. What more could you want from a book. Not much.  -MW


Finished reading the book tonight and feel you accomplished with great thought and presence, the two most important things in your life at this time. Firstly, that being your story of your life’s travels, since the diagnosis of Dystonia, which you have done with such verbal substance and humour. Secondly, you did an excellent job of acknowledging the part your mother has played in your journey. Good job and God Bless you in your future travels! –Richard Currey


          I received your book from my mom and dad for Christmas, and I had a chance to read it over my Christmas holidays. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I have recommended it to many of my friends and will be passing it on to others to read after Denise finishes it. I am so impressed for a few different reasons, and I wanted to share those with you.

          First, I am so impressed by your writing a book! What an accomplishment. You told your story in such a straightforward and unemotional way and it was an easy read!

          Second, I have always been impressed by your attitude and outlook on life, but I have to admit that I never really had any clue that what you have been through in your life. I knew you had had a ‘couple’ of surgeries, but had no clue that it was so many! And your descriptions of what is happening in your body were so enlightening.  Of course, I have witnessed the things you describe, such as your foot turning in, the tremor in your left hand, the twisting of your body when you are sitting, and even the fact that your leg shoots out just when someone is walking passed you, tripping them!! But I didn’t really understand what was actually happening, and the way you described the fight that your body is waging against its own muscles was something that I had no idea about.

I also knew what a strong advocate your mom is for you, but had no idea the struggles that she had to have in order for positive things to happen in your life.

I always knew you were strong, but your book has shown me that you have strength within you unlike anyone I have ever known. You are brave and resilient and I am so proud to call you my cousin and friend.  -EFW


I read by kindle copy last night ! Kirsten has even started to read it!

What a PHENOMENAL success. You should be so proud of yourself.


It is well written (and edited).  It really has a good balance of life, 

anecdote and medical fact about you went through and continue to go through. I do remember some of your stories but particularly your visits to Toronto and your years at the Glenrose, I gained a good insight into what you were going through that I probably didn't know.  Your stories about those friendships and others with problems and your perspective are gripping and I totally enjoyed every page !


Brenda, it's funny that I have known you for 45+ years and I have seen your struggle up close and one on one, but I really took from the book your dystonic muscular trouble that I probably have never really comprehended or understood until I read your words.  They are very eloquent and from your heart. As you say, until you can walk in those persons shoes.


I'm very proud of you...



I finished Brenda's book last night.

It was absolutely fantastic.

I had to stop and think, was I reading some professional author's storytelling, or my sister.

She really has a good balance of fact, personal story and onward journey. 

I think you will love it, it is warts and all from her perspective.

I hope people do read it...